The Database Research Assistant is trained only on the data from the patent and research paper database. The assistant helps you navigating through the documents in the database and get quick insights from all the patents and research papers at once. You can ask questions or tasks for example like:

  • Which ranking factors are mentioned?
  • How knowledge panels are created?
  • How Google can extract entites and facts for the knowledge graph?
  • Wich metrics for user signals can be used for ranking?
  • How information gain is calculated?
  • How phrase based indexing works?
  • How AI answers are generated?

Feel free to try out what you like …

Here you can find all patents and resarch papers in the database.

I am looking forward hearing your experience with this tool!

Database Research Assistant

The complete analysis of documents and use of AI research tools are only for SEO Thought Leader (yearly) and SEO Thought Leader (monthly) members.

To read the full patent and paper analysis or use the research tools you have to sign up for a monthly or yearly paid membership.
Your advantages:

+ Full analysis of hundreds of well researched active Microsoft and Google patents and research paper.
+ Save a lot of time and get insights in just a few minutes, without having to spend hours analyzing the documents.
+ Get quick exclusive insights about how search engines and Google could work  with easy to understand summaries and analysis.
+ All patents classified by topic for targeted research.
+ New patent summaries every month. Notification via E-Mail
+ Use the AI Research Tools to gain insights from all documents in the database, the Google API Leak and more to come ...
+ Gain fundamental insights for your SEO work and become a real thought leader.
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